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“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” Syrus Pubilius

Dear Son,

When you get this you will probably just have been through gas chamber testing and are getting prepared for Battlestations, your final challenge in bootcamp.  It’s game day, everything else has led up to this.  Battlestations is where you are pushed in real world settings to break.  Don’t let the calamity of the moment confuse you; calm your mind and work methodically through the situation as you have been taught.

When your youngest brother was born, literally everything was going wrong at once.  He was dying inside your mother at the same time she was bleeding out.  Both their lives were in peril PLUS the doctors and nurses had to deal with me outside the doors.  Instead of being overwhelmed by two patients in trauma and a husband freaking out, they broke the problem down into its components and attacked it piece by piece.  First, they got the baby out and then had a group handling your mother and her issues, another handling your brother and his issues, and a very stern Nurse Ratchet was assigned to handle me in the hallway.  Calm thinking in the middle of a storm saves lives and solves problems.

When you are presented with a seemingly impossible situation, break it down into it’s solvable pieces and handle it in order of urgency.  By looking at it as a group of smaller problems instead of one large one, almost any challenge can be solved efficiently.

It’s like the age old question: How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

Slow your mind and visualize the path through the problems and you will be successful in Battlestations.  I have faith in you.