Advice Not Needed

I think naturally skinny people should be precluded from dispensing weight loss/diet advice. Seems akin to someone who inherited their wealth explaining how to make a million dollars to inner city homeless people. That is all I have to say about that.

jkh scornful

Pet Peeves

SALESPEOPLE: If you have an 11am appt, & breeze in at 11:25 w/ no call, don’t think u will be seen. Someone else sells what u do. #respect

JKH Scarf

2013 Resolutions

I resolve to make no proclamations that I have no intention of keeping in 2013;the stats are stacked heavily against me.

Therefore my anti-resolutions are: to work less, drink more, NOT lose weight & NOT get in shape. Instead of getting a gym membership I will never use I resolve to give $30 a month to the homeless lady who sleeps under the freeway. I might even try to start a new habit like smoking or gambling so I can work in a family intervention down the road, because family is important and nothing brings them together like a crisis. I will continue my campaign against poor customer service and exposing evil drive-through attendants for what they are: passive aggressive trolls that are taking their poor choices in life out on me! Outside of that, I expect things to be pretty much the same in 2013.