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082414- Saltwater cures all.

“The cure for anything is saltwater. Sweat, tears, or the sea.” Isak Denison

Dear Son,

Your mother and I watched you online in today’s graduation ceremony.  That was a pretty impressive performance!  It was good to see you and you did a great job.  By the way, you are certainly getting your money’s worth from that haircut.

The other day I went by Sam’s and when I was leaving when I saw a woman sitting on the bumper of her minivan, crying.  She had a kid in a Baby Bjorn, one in the seat on the shopping cart and a seat kind of strapped to the top of the cart and everyone was crying. Anyone with multiple kids would know the second they saw her what she was feeling. So I asked if I could help load her van (She had bought something that wasn’t going in right which was what started the meltdown.) She said it was just overwhelming and didn’t know if she could do it any more. I said I had 3 sons and understood completely. I told her my oldest was graduating from bootcamp in a couple weeks and we would pay anything to have those days back. We had just seen you in the other classes graduation and it was very emotional for us. I told her even though it was a tough one, that she’d miss these days. I helped her get her kids in and sent her off & just thought about “those” days. We thought they were impossible and that we’d never get through them and yet those were the “good old days.” The days when our kids needed us and sought out our comfort and smiled when we came in the room to get them. When they’d fall asleep in their cribs with their butt up in the air, or on my chest while we were watching TV… I didn’t have the heart to tell her she would have to survive the Jr. High & High School years before her kids would come back to her. It was a “moment” for both of us, but in completely different ways.

Regardless of where your job takes you in the Navy, it is important to show compassion and empathy to people that are struggling.  Even in the heat of battle, there is always room to help out another person.

We are never stronger than when we show compassion for the weak.